New jilbab 2 pieces amina-Mouhajiroun

The Amina two-piece jilbab of the Mouhajiroun brand will bring you unparalleled comfort and flexibility. The meryl is a lightweight, wrinkle-free and flexible fabric that is worn every day.
We have added a chin mask that you can put up to reveal only your eyes.
no more pain or discomfort when you put on your Amina jilbab, without manual fastening with the Meryl-Lycra headband it can be put under the chin or behind the head.
you want to make a religious reminder around a tea between sisters or stay beautiful and well dressed in front of your husband,
Mouhajiroun made for you a long dress flared half sleeve.
you will love the cape amina during all your outings, ample she has a width of 1m80 of the sleeve to the sleeve for a better modesty.
Mouhajiroun will propose very soon size M and even more colors Incahllah

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